Most of our items are gently used, although we do carry some new items. If an item is in less-than-great condition, but we believe it is a rare find, we will lower the price on the item.
Weekly! We're always on the look-out for great pieces. We'll upload them as soon as we acquire them. Check back often, and go to our website at www.sproutclassrooms.com to sign up for our newsletter. You can also 'like' our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/sproutclassrooms). We'll shoot you an e-mail when we get more items in!
When you see a code such as (P-2) after a clothing piece, that is simply the location code for shipping reasons. When you purchase the clothing piece, that code will show up on your order. We then know exactly which shelf/basket to look in for that piece of clothing so we can stick it in your box for you!
We ship via United States Postal Service. While we try to get orders out as soon as we receive them, the owner of Sprout Classrooms works full time and occasionally has to wait a day to get to the post office.
Important: We promise to ship your order as explained above. However, mistakes in shipping beyond our control happen from time to time. In the event of a damaged, delayed or lost shipment we will work with you to replace the items or issue a refund. Replacement orders will be shipped using the shipping method selected on the original order. Therefore, we ask that you place your order in plenty of time to accommodate such eventualities. If tracking from the USPS shows the item as delivered, no refund will be given. Special note: Saturday and Sunday are not regular USPS delivery days and should not be considered as such when calculating time in transit. This applies to holidays as well.
Shipping is always FREE! Order as much as you'd like-we'll get it to you without any extra charge. ;)
Because our clothes are used, there are no returns or exchanges on them. We try to be extremely honest in our descriptions. If you have any questions before ordering, please feel free to contact us.